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North Hunterdon Regional High School NHRHS Alumni Class Reunion

This site is dedicated to North Hunterdon Regional High School ( NHRHS ) reunion alumni. The school is now known as North Hunterdon High School NHHS. North Hunterdon High School is a four-year public high school located in Annandale (in Clinton Township). As of 2008, the school serves students from six municipalities in northern Hunterdon County as one of two high schools in the North Hunterdon-Voorhees Regional High School District. Students and alumni in the high school live in Clinton Town, Clinton Township, Bethlehem Township, Franklin Township, Union Township, and Lebanon Borough. As of the 2008-2009 school year, the school had an enrollment of 1,987 students and 184 classroom teachers.

The school, located in Annandale NJ, opened in 1951 as North Hunterdon Regional High School ( NHRHS ). Clifford G. Singley was the school's first principal and the football field currently bears his name. Its team nickname is the Lions and its mascot's name is Reggie, in recognition of the early days, when the school was known as Regional.

North Hunterdon High School was awarded in 2002 the Blue Ribbon School Award of Excellence by the United States Department of Education, the highest award an American school can receive. North Hunterdon High School was the 37th-ranked public high school in New Jersey out of 316 schools statewide, in New Jersey Monthly magazine's September 2006 cover story on the state's Top Public High Schools.


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Nearby High Schools

Voorhees High School - VHS

In 1975, Voorhees High School was founded as a four-year public high school located in Glen Gardner Borough. The school is one of two high schools in the North Hunterdon NHHS -Voorhees Regional High School VRHS District, serving students from six municipalities in northern Hunterdon County, New Jersey, United States. Students and alumni in the high school live in Glen Gardner Borough, Lebanon Township, Tewksbury Township, High Bridge Borough, Califon Borough, and Hampton Borough.

Hunterdon Central Regional High School - HCHS

Hunterdon Central Regional High School is a regional, four-year public high school, and school district for students from five municipalities in east central Hunterdon County, New Jersey, United States. Students and alumni live Delaware Township, East Amwell Township, Flemington Borough, Raritan Township and Readington Township.

Reunion Posts of Current Alumni Events

Directory of North Hunterdon Regional High School NHRHS Class Reunions

Notices of the following upcoming Alumni Events/Reunions:

To post your announcements, Contact US It's Free!

Class of 1963

The NHRHS class of 63 is having their 50th reunion.
It will be July 27 2013 at the Mountain View Chalet.
Cost $45.00 per person

contact Ray Pickell 1963 Reunion Team for more details

Class of 1964

Our 50th Class Reunion will be taking place October 4 2014

contact 1964 Reunion Team or login for more details

Class of 1965

The 50th class reunion will be held on Saturday, October 17th, 2015.

The place is yet to be determined.
I would like to invite anyone to come to the next committee meeting.
Please login for details

contact 1965 Reunion Team for more details


Class of 1967

The Class of 67 is celebrating their 45th year since graduation at
Beaveer Brook Country Club on October 6, 2012 from 6 to 10 PM

Please contact Rosi at
for further details and to make reservations.


Class of 1972

The NHRHS Class of 1972 is having their 40th Reunion.
Date: Saturday, September 29th, 2012
Where: Mountain View Chalet, 154 State Road 173, Asbury NJ 08802
Time: 6 p.m. to 11 p.m.
Price: $55 Per Person
Make check out to: NHRHS Class of 1972

Please send money by September, 7th , 2012 to:
NHRHS 1972 Reunion
PO Box 172
Annandale, N.J. 08801

We have a Group on Facebook or you can contact Diana Wodder at


About this site:

The NHRHS reunion website is the repository for the NHRHS reunion Classes containing classmate address lists, the missing or deceased, reunion team members, alumni biographies that can be viewed and edited, slide show of photos of past activities and classmate submissions, oldies music videos, reunion schedule, current team status and team member list.

Reunion Attendance: Classmates can indicate their reunion attendance on-line. The Reunion Status page tracks and shows who is attending, their guest's name, total attendees, totals classmates, total guests. When it's time to prepare for the reunion, the Reunion Name Tags page shows all reunion classmate name tags with their photos, names of their guests. Just print!

Student Biographies: You can create, edit and view classmate biographies (BIOs) or even watch each Bio in a slide show. The Bio Form: You fill in the form with data such as marriage status, children, reunion attendance, family, what you have been doing since graduation, your career, education, interests, hobbies and any other comments you might have.

Teacher Biographies: You can create/edit, upload photos and view teacher and staff biographies

Photos: The website has photos of recently submitted classmate photos and comments. The photos are presented as a slide show on the Photo Slide Show page. Classmates can insert photos into their chat forum messages, Bios, etc. You can also upload grad photos that will be displayed through out the site as the classmate's icon.

Music-Videos: Listen to oldies songs playing while you view the site. There are thousands of music videos on the reunion website, About 70% are in the 1960-1980 range. The songs are selected via a random shuffle playlist and showed and played while navigating anywhere in the site. Songs can be searched and played, as well. Lyrics and trivia are also shown.

Lookup Classmate: You can enter a classmate's first, middle and/or last name, partial names, etc. The results will show the full current name, address, phone and email.

Classmate Directory: There are classmate address rosters showing photo, name, address, phone, and email address, last login date-time, bio status, missing/deceased status, Reunion Team member status. Each class site has a team leader (Reunion Chair Person), team members and a class website administrator.

Deceased: All deceased classmates, photos, and teachers are shown.

Sending Emails to Classmates: You can compose a message and send emails to a classmate or broadcast a message to the entire reunion team. Your message will automatically include your picture, name, phone, email as
well as the photo and name of the recipient(s). All email addresses are recent as they are fetched from the real-time database.

Send emails from the directory: The Address Directory permits you to click on a classmate's email address and to send emails with the classmate's name, photo, your name and photo already filled into the form.

Chat forums and announcements: You can exchange messages with other classmates on the Chat forum. You can create a new topic on any subject. Anyone can reply to any topic. Recent Chat postings from all topics are displayed on the right side of each page.

Classmate trivia: View various classmate statistics such as longest married, most children, most grand-children, most grand-children, youngest classmate, oldest classmate, college degrees, where classmates live by city, by state, most popular Bios, etc.

Other features include:

  • The list of website visitors, date/time of visit and their photos are shown on the Visitors page.
  • The current list of classmates that have logged in. and date/time
  • The list of recent chat postings, Bio postings
  • Chat Forum summary shows the most recent topics and the number of replies. Just click on Chat Forum & Announcements to view all postings.
  • The Recent Visitors shows the last visitors and photos of who have logged in and date/time
  • This month's birthdays
  • Print reunion badges, address labels, class directories
  • Just to reminisce : The website has these other pages
    * Elementary Schools in the high school area
    * Reminisce 1950's - movie
    * Reminisce 1960's - movie
    * Academy Awards 1960's - movie
    * Westerns 50's-60's movie
    * TV Shows 50's-60's - movie
    * Music Video Oldies
    * Cars 1950's - slide show
    * Girls of the 60's
    * Commercials of the 60's
    * Drive-in Movies of the 60's
    and more...



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